There  are two type of data that is collected or stored on the platform for an  event.  One is the Attendee information  stored in Attendee List and the other is the Buyer Information stored in  Buyer List.      Buyer List stores the detail of the person who pays for the ticket or who  initiates the registration either for himself or for some  other attendee also but as part of the same transaction.      In this case , the data  in the Buyer list table will have only one entry but in the attendee List you  will have one or more than one records for that particular  order/transaction depending upon the number  of people the buyer have bought ticket for.       When you decide to cancel a ticket, what you essentially want is to remove  the data from the attendee List so that you have the accurate number of  person attending the event.    So, when you decide to cancel a ticket  or an attendee or a Buyer, always refer to the Buyer list  of your event. You need to go to     "Attendee/Buyer List sub-menu".  Here,  you can search for that particular record with the name of the buyer or the  email id of the buyer.  You can also  filter the record with the Order number   if you intend to.    Once you see the record, the last  Column is the Manage Column. This gives you various handles to  work on the record.  You will see couple of options as a dropdown. Please select the [ X Cancel  ]  option and proceed with  the steps further.    If you have more than one Attendee for that Buyer then you will see more  than one record. You can cancel one or more than one or all the attendees  from the list if you wish to do so. You will see options to make full refund  or partial refund or refund of a particular amount.    Once you complete the process,  a mail  is sent to the Attendee about the cancellation of his/her record and a copy  of that is sent  to organizer's email ID  also.        

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