Widget  is the short form of the event checkout that can be embedded on the partner  website without much of the coding.  Explara provides two types of Widget; one is ticket widget and second is  Button widget.  Ticket Widget :-   The complete checkout flow is masked in a  iFrame and provided with an iFrame code  that can be taken from the event dashboard[Promote/Ticket Widget].     A button widget  code is generated for each of the ticket that is created on  for the event. The text on the button, the  logo of the button can easily be changed form the options given on the  dashboard. The button widget   iFrame  code can be taken from [Promote/Button Widget]. Once  this button widget iFrame code is put on  the partner's website, a button will be shown with the amount or whatever  text the organiser has decided to put. On click of the button, the  short  checkout form will appear where  it will ask for the buyer details and then the buyer is taken to the payment  page to make the payment.      

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