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            Create your first Event!

            Login to the website ( and you will be taken to the Solutions page.  On this page you can click on any solution to manage it.

            Please refer the image: Click on the “Events” window on the landing page or "My Events" in the user menu, available on the top right corner which will redirect you to the Event Dashboard.
            In the Event dashboard, on the top right corner, you will find the button "Create Event", click on it to create a new event.

            This will initiate the event creation process.

            Step 1.   

            Basic Event Details – You need to enter the following details while creating your event:

            a. Event Title or name

            b. Location/Venue (Venue or Online)

            c. Start date and time

            d. End date and time

            e. Visibility of the event: Private/Public

            Public event allows anyone to view the event and make payment to join it. 

            Private / Invitation Only event allows you to send invites to people and only the people receiving the invites will be able to register. If anyone else will try to register, the request will come to the organiser and they can choose or screen attendees before accepting or rejecting their request to attend.

            Step 2.

            Event Description & Type – You need the following details:

            a. Event description

            b. Event Type (Ticketing/RSVP/Registration)

            c. Segment and category of the event

            Step 3.

            Upload 2 images with the following dimensions:

            a. 350px x 200px

            b. 850px X550px

            Please ensure that the image size is less than 1 MB

            Step 4.

            Next, you see the option of creating ticket/registration for your event and customisation settings for each ticket/registration.

            Click on "Paid Reg." to add a new paid registration or on "Free Reg." to create a free one.
            You will have to provide:
            Registration Name - Type of registration or ticket (like Early Bird, Fee, Student Pass, Adult, Members Ticket, etc)
            Quantity - Number of tickets or registrations you are looking to sell or the inventory of the ticket
            Price - Cost per registration or ticket
            Currency - Choose from 21 currencies.

            For a Free registration, you will only have to provide Name and Quantity of registration.

            Once you are done adding the registration information, click on the "Tick" button to save it. You can also click on the "Settings" icon next to each registration to customise the settings.

            Step 5.

            You can finally make the event live by clicking on “Make it live”

            You have successfully created your event.

            Here is a video that shows how to create the event:

            Updated: 28 Aug 2017 11:49 PM
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