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            For Event Organizer

            General Questions

            I am an NGO, how will Explara help me in fund raising?

            - At Explara, you can use our Fundraising platform specially designed for non-profit organizations.

            Does Explara provide conference solution?

            - Yes, we provide conference solutions for small to large size conferences and


            I want to keep my event private. Is it possible?

            - Yes, one can create an Invite-Only event. That way, not everybody can buy tickets or register apart from people who have invitation code.

            You can set it while creating event page. To enable it later, Go to Event Overview >> Setup >> About Event >> Basic Details.

            I don’t want ticketing, a simple yes or no, will do. Is RSVP available?

            - Yes, for those who don’t need ticketing solution, they can simply create event with Yes & No options i.e. RSVP. You can select it while creating your event page.      

            How do I know as to how many registrations have taken place?

            - On Event overview page itself, you will see number of tickets sold for your event. If you want more in-depth view, go to Report >> Overview

            Event Setup

            How do I create my event?

            -You can create your event by clicking on the ‘Create Event’ button on the website.

            How do I create and edit tickets/registrations?

            -You can create new tickets/ registration, edit existing tickets/ registrations and delete unwanted tickets/ registrations until a ticket is purchased or a registration completed has been processed.

            Can I create discounts for my tickets/registrations?

            -Yes, you can. Discount on the tickets can be created by clicking on “Discount” under event setup. There are three types of discounts:

            • Flat Discount – This discount enables you to give a discount to a particular ticket type which can either be a percentage or a fixed number.

            • Code Discount - This discount option lets you create a ‘code’ for the ticket through which customers can avail a discount, by entering the code while choosing the ticket/registration.

            • Bulk Discount - This discount option lets you give out discounts for big groups of registrations

            How do I create my customized attendee form for my event?

            -You can create a customized form by enabling and adding additional forms by going to attendee form under event setup.

            Can I have more than one team working on my event?

            -You can give access to your event for multiple team members by adding their respective email IDs to the event under access control.

            Where can I view the attendee data?

            The attendee list will be available under the ‘Attendee’ tab, which consists of the attendee list and the buyer list.


            How can I cancel my ticket?

            - To cancel a ticket, the buyer needs to reach out to the event organiser at the contact details mentioned on the confirmation mail or on the e-ticket.

            My amount has been deducted but I haven’t received my tickets. What do I do?

            - Do not worry. If the transaction was successful, our system will release a ticket to your email ID. If not, the amount will be reversed  by the payment gateway/bank in your account in 3-5 working days.. If the issue exists , please send a mail to mentioning your email Id used while making the transaction.

            I did not attend the event due to unforeseen circumstances. Can I get a refund for my  ticket?

            - You will have to contact the event organizer with respect to request of refunds. Explara has no rights on cancellation or refund.

            Explara Policy

            Cancellation Policy

            - Explara is the solution provider for ticketing and registration and it has no rights on cancellation or refund. The buyer has to reach out to the event organizer and ask for cancellation and refund.

            What are Explara’s Terms and Conditions?

            - Please refer to our website for terms and conditions.

            Payout and Invoice

            Where does the revenue get deposited for my event?

            - The revenue generated from your event, is deposited in Explara’s account. The money is then transferred to your account added under the ‘Bank details’ option. The money is transferred within 5 bank working days after the conclusion of the event.

            My event has concluded. When will I receive the amount?

            - Your amount will be transferred within 5 working days, post the conclusion of the event.

            Where and when will I get the copy of my invoice?

            - The invoice will be sent to the registered email id after the money is transferred to you.

            Outreach and Promotion

            Can I integrate my event with my website and other social media platforms?

            - Once an event is created, you can add the widget iFrame code to your website, which will be available under Promote – Ticketing/Registration widget. We also enable Facebook App page integration, where the registration feature can be integrated with a Facebook page.

            I have agencies/team members working on a commission basis for transactions made. Can I track and see the performance?

            - You can add members to our ‘Affiliate Program’, which will generate a unique referral URL for each member added. You can also define the commission while adding the members as well.


            Where can I see the total sales report for my event?

            -  You can view your report under the ‘Reports’ section on your event dashboard.

            Where can I see a report of the discounts used?

            - You can view your report under the ‘Discount Used’ tab in the ‘Reports’ tab on your event dashboard.

            Updated: 07 Sep 2017 11:21 PM
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